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Drywalling Partitions and Ceilings

Why Choose A Drywalling Solution for that office renovation?

Drywalling is an easy and affordable solution that looks like normal walls. When you are planning a new renovation at your offices Dry-walling is one of the many factors that should be on the top of your list as this versatile and relatively inexpensive walling system has many benefits that include installation time and lowered costs compared to brick solutions.

The days of having workmen building away for weeks on end are gone. Not to mention all the grinding and incessant chopping that can be heard from miles away. With Drywall you can have a new wall or office standing in as little as a couple of hours. Leaving only the finishing to be done. This finished Drywalling solution looks great physically and financially.

Some of the benefits using dry walls include :

Price point
Not only for the Drywalling material itself but also in the fact that it is quick to erect and finish off. Drywall saves many days of labour compared to concrete and brick walls. This in turn minimizes the time you have to wait until completion, minimizes costs and is not a loud distraction should you have to put up some walls in an office that is already occupied with staff.

Dry-walling can be shaped creating beautiful bulk-heads and interesting wall dimensions. Turn your open plan office into a multi office building at an affordable rate using our Drywall solutions.

Space and weight saving
Being light weight means that you can install dry walling partitions without needing to worry about the strain of extra weight. Your mezzanine floors and multi-story buildings will easily accommodate it. The material is also narrow when erected and offers you more workable office space. This might not have been available using other walling methods.

Ease of deconstruction
Installed Drywall can quickly be demolished to make space for that extra large training center, office or boardroom.

Sound Proofing and fire retardant
Not only is drywall a great fire retardant product it also does an excellent job at keeping that private meetings, well, private.

Pegasus Storage Solutions provides you with the perfect Drywall Solution for your small or large office. Our team of professionals will take the stress away with their extensive knowledge from preparation to the final end result. Please feel free to contact us to request a quotation.

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