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High Bay racking plays a big part of an overall warehouse system. This racking shelving system enables you to automatically store pallets, cartons or totes from a racking location and in result increases the storage density up to 60%..

This type of racking will increase warehousing space and  save costs.

Racks can be restocked by using manual controlled trucks or by order pickers, allowing picking from all levels of the high bay rack.

The motivation for setting up a fully automatic high bay pallet racking warehouse varies greatly: Shorter supply chains, expanded storage capacity or increased delivery accuracy are among the most common objectives. A high bay pallet racking system from Pegasus Storage Solutions offers you all of this.

The advantages of high bay racking are:

• Utilization of storage space to full height
• Reduction in the use of conventional buildings
• Reduced construction time
• Compatible and applicable to various automatic solutions.

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