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Long Span Racking

Long span racking or shelving systems offer optimum storage space for products of small to medium in size. These storage solutions are resourceful as they can adapt to a variety of unit loads. These dynamic storage systems are easy to assemble and should any component need replacing, this can be done so with ease.

There are a large range of accessories available for Long Span racking which allow adaptability to any kind of goods needed to be stored. Even though these racking systems are hand loaded, they still enable you to utilize the full height of your warehouse or building. Higher levels of the racking system may be accessed using mechanical equipment such as order pickers or cranes.

Should you wish to store small to medium size products then long span racking would be ideal for you. It is versatile, selective and dynamic.

Some Benefits of Long Span Racking:

  • Long span racking and shelving is a great option for those who don’t have the resources, budget or floor space for Pallet Racking.
  • This storage system can be utilized not only in large warehouses or factories, but in offices or homes as well.
  • There are only three core components in this storage system. Shelving Panels, upright frame and the shelving beams.
  • Long span shelving can be set up as a stand-alone system or it can be joined to the lower shelves of a pallet racking system
    • Quick and easy assembly
    • Easily adjustable
    • A wide range of accessories available for optimum storage use
    • The ability to use a variety of shelving panels such as chip board, steel panels or even wire mesh.

Please feel free to contact us regarding a quotation on the perfect Long Span Racking Solution that would best be suited for your needs.

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