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Material Handling

Material Handling

Material handling is no longer an issue. Pegasus Storage Solutions offer a wide range of products to ensure production is not slowed down when it comes to moving stock.

Please feel free to contact Pegasus Storage Solutions to find out more about our different material handling solutions.

Material Handling (Diesel)

A range of robust and high performance for the spectrum of industrial and commercial application. With lift capacities from 1.8tons – 25tons.

Our LPG range of forklifts are highly versatile for industrial and commercial use and can be used indoors or outdoors. the lift capacity varies from 1.8tons – 7tons.

Material Handling (Electric)

We also offer a range of machines that will help you with the moving and stacking of your stock.

We also offer electric forklifts which lifting capacity starts at 1,3tons and ends at 5tons depending on either the 3 wheel or 4 wheel forklifts. The 3 wheel forklifts are very nimble whereas the 4 wheel forklifts are a lot more sturdy.

Manhand  electric pallet trucks. Load capacities range from 1.3tons to 2.5 tons. They are ideal for low to medium intensity pallet transportation. Very manoeuvrable, Easy to use tiller arm, pedestrian powered.

Platform powered pallet trucks, stand on to drive and lift pallets into desired locations. easily manoeuvrable with a maximum lift height of 2m.

A 3 wheel pallet lifter suitable for light to medium duty pallet loading. Manually operated and easy to us.

Electric order picking. Better used when you are moving fast consumer goods, and is best suitable for first and second level picking goods.

Electric walk behind, another pallet mover that is easily operated and can get into those aisles that are too little for your hyster. Can handle weights of 1.3 – 2.5 tons.

Manhand, also know as a manual pallet truck, they come in many different sizes as well as the they can carry various weight loads. Best suited for horizontal transport and  order picking.

Straddle leg Stacker. Makes lifting, loading, and unpacking a breeze. The straddle legs allow a wide range of pallets to be lifted without the fear of breaking or damaging the pallets. Can Lift up to 1.4 tons.

The manual stacker is suitable for light stacking applications in tight areas, and can reach up to 1,6m.

Walk behind stacker.  Very stable and manoeuvrable, with a quick response and accurate control. Loads up to 1ton and up to 3m. Ideal for tight spaces and narrow working areas.

Maximum Electric Stacker. Lifts up to 1ton, and is perfect for small spaces, is a walk behind  stacker and is very compact in design.

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