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Mobile Racking

Mobile Racking – More storage space for your products on less surface area

Mobile racking offers a wide range of benefits. You can save up to 90% on racking aisles. You will be able to link between warehouse management systems and data transmissions.

Supply And Install

Pegasus Storage provide mobile racking systems that include both pallet (Pallets, Bins, Containers, Furniture trolleys, Octabins, Coils, Reels, Barrels, etc.) and cantilever racking (Bar steel, Storage trays, Sheet metal, Bodywork parts, Plate goods, Long material, Bulky material, Structural profiles, etc.)

These systems are fitted with motors which enable the racking system to move with the guidance of a rail.

Increase Storage Space

This option of racking is specifically designed to increase the storage space in your warehouse. They can be described as enlarged filling cabinets on wheels that are there to utilize storage space and make your organisation of goods a breeze. They can be manually operated or by electrical motors.

Here are some benefits on Mobile Racking:

• Easy to install
• Create extra storage
• Versatile
• Direct access to all pallet locations


If you are wanting storage solutions which maximise the space you have available, this would be the ideal option for you.

Other Racking And Shelving Service Offered:

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