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Modular Belt Conveyors

Due to the selection of different chain materials, the modular belt conveyors can also be used for food industry applications and for products with high temperatures to 105°C. As a rule, modular belt conveyors are more resistant to wear than are belts, in addition fluids from the transported material can drip off through the chain. Due to the guide of the belt, lateral deviation does not occur, thus work pieces can also be pushed off transversely.

Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding our Modular Belt Conveyors. We provide our clients with a complete start to finish solution from design to supply and installation. Pegasus Storage Solutions are the leaders in supply and installation of the Modular Belt Conveyors. We strive to provide our clients with excellent service and products that are designed to last.

Belt Types
Flat Top Suitable when a fully closed belt surface is preferred.
Flush Grid Commonly used in applications where drainage or airflow is desired.
Raised Rib Applications where product stability over transfers is a concern.
Open Hinge Used where sanitation and hygiene are a primary concern.
Friction Top Incline Conveyors, where the elevation of product changes.
Roller Top Low-pressure accumulation applications
Perforated Flat Top Used when air flow and water flow are critical but

the percentage of belt open area must remain low.


Benefits of Modular Belt Conveyors:

  • High durability and low maintenance.
  • Damaged links are quickly and easily stripped out and replaced.
  • Well suited to convey products with sharp edges such as bone, frozen goods, glass etc.
  • The belt is driven by sprockets keyed to the drive and tail shafts. This eliminates belts “Tracking-Off”.
  • The modular belt design facilitates easy cleaning and eliminates standing water.
  • Belts can be high pressure washed in position to clean the belt links and pins as often as required.

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