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Racking Systems – Storage Solutions

Racking Systems BlueThere are many advantages of implementing racking systems in your home or warehouse. The most obvious would be the maximization of space. With racking systems, you will obtain a great amount of floor space as racking provides you with vertical off the ground space.

When it comes to warehousing I’m sure you will agree that by maximizing storage space, business profits will be improved substantially as you will have a lot more place to store your merchandise

Pegasus Storage Solutions supply first-class racking solutions to residential customers as well as commercial companies. We ensure that all of the racking we provide is of top quality with a guarantee to last for many years.

We understand that locations play a huge role in the racking our clients decide to go for. For example, shoreline locations offer a great deal of humidity as well as salt in the atmosphere.

FSmall racking systemor this reason, we offer racking that is resistant to these conditions.

The design and material on all of our racking systems is of cutting-edge technology.

We provide our clients with only the best racking solutions in the market. Not only are our products of high quality, we have the service to match too. No project is too big or too small.

We offer the following racking Solutions:

High Bay Racking
Long Span Racking
Mini Rack Racking 
Mobile Racking
Push Back Racking

We also offer a wide range of Shelving


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